Valmont Announces Expanded Release of Valley SchedulingTM Advanced Irrigation Technology

September 12, 2018 – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Neb. (September 12, 2018) – Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), a leading global provider of engineered products and services for infrastructure development and irrigation equipment and services for agriculture, has announced the North America release of Valley Scheduling™, an advanced irrigation management software that enables growers to make better, data-driven irrigation decisions.

Valley Scheduling™:

• Increases yield and profitability potential– through precision watering and fertigating, the ability to monitor crops real-time, and maximizing production while using less energy

•Saves time – eliminates daily field visits and complex, manual calculations previously required of growers

• Customizable options that only Valley can offer – choose data that is modeled (based on a proprietary algorithm) or measured (by industry-leading, in-the-field hardware)

• Easy, convenient mobile access – a choice of intuitive views accessible anywhere via smartphone, tablet or desktop

• Improves crop health and reduces disease – Growers can monitor potential crop stress due to over- or under-watering, and increase production and yield quality.

• Flexible– compatible with multiple soil types and irrigation methods, including pivots, linears, and drip

•Simple to use– easy-to-understand recommendations create a schedule for smart irrigation application

Valley Scheduling™ utilizes advanced precision technology initially developed and introduced in the Brazil market, followed by a targeted expansion into adjacent markets throughout Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Refined over more than a decade, this innovative technology is now available as a total irrigation management solution for the North America market. Currently implemented on nearly 5 million acres in 12 countries, growers are using Valley Scheduling™technology to stay informed with field-specific data on 47 different commercial crops.

Coupled with the services of an agronomy expert, Valley Scheduling™ provides customized irrigation recommendations based on field-proven science. Leveraging inputs, including soil and crop type, development stage and source of weather data, this proprietary, industry-leading software will recommend an irrigation strategy in an intuitive list or location-specific map view.

“Today’s growers require accurate and complete field information quickly,” said Len Adams, Group President, Valmont Irrigation. “Valley Scheduling™ addresses that need and serves to optimize production of their irrigated acres. Growers in North America can now experience the benefits of Valley technology that is already field-proven around the world.”

“Valley Scheduling™ gives us the opportunity to have everything at a finger click,” said Greg Juul, co-owner of G2 Farming near Hermiston, Oregon, who irrigates about 5,000 acres. “Valley Scheduling™ is another tool – almost another set of eyes in the field – as to where your soil moisture is at, especially with critical crops. It gives us the opportunity to make some educated, quick decisions.”

“Valley Irrigation has strengthened our position as the leader in precision irrigation,” added Stephen G. Kaniewski, President and CEO of Valmont Industries, Inc. “In line with our communicated strategy to expand our addressable market in full service water management, we are excited to launch this innovative technology solution in North America. We will continue to invest in our innovation pipeline to serve as a strategic partner to our growers, and further enable market share growth.”

For more information about Valley Scheduling™ and the innovative suite of products and technology solutions from Valley, the brand trusted by generations of growers, contact your local Valley dealer or visit

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Valmont is a global leader, designing and manufacturing highly engineered products that support global infrastructure development and agricultural productivity. Its irrigation equipment and services for large-scale agriculture improves farm productivity while conserving fresh water resources. Its products for infrastructure serve highway, transportation, wireless communication, electric transmission, and industrial construction and energy markets. In addition, Valmont provides coatings services that protect against corrosion and improve the service lives of steel and other metal products.

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