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Why does Valmont evaluate its external providers?

What criteria do we use at Valmont to evaluate external providers?

What can my organization do to prepare for an onsite quality system audit?

What happens when an external provider fails to meet Valmont's expectations?

This document provides an introduction to Valmont Industries, lays out our supply chain strategy, and summarizes expectations of external providers.

Quality Handbook for External Providers (Rev 1, May 2019)PDF1.74 MB Download

In order to help ensure that external providers have the latest and greatest Valmont specifications, we provide this master list. Before beginning work, refer to this document to verify that you have the current specifications in hand. If not, please reach out to your Valmont sourcing representative; they will provide you with the materials you need.

Master List of Valmont Specifications (October 4, 2019)XLSX49.18 KB Download

Valmont uses these documents to support initial and ongoing evaluation of external providers.

FORM 10.01 QuestionnairePDF5.63 MB Download
FORM 10.02 Audit PlanPDF2.76 MB Download
FORM 10.03a General Audit ChecklistPDF931.25 KB Download
FORM 10.03b Painting Audit ChecklistPDF715.73 KB Download
FORM 10.03c Galvanizing Audit ChecklistPDF830.37 KB Download
FORM 10.03d Welding Audit ChecklistPDF526.45 KB Download
FORM 10.03e NDE Audit ChecklistPDF834.19 KB Download
FORM 10.03f Detailing Audit ChecklistPDF692.71 KB Download
FORM 10.04 Audit ReportPDF2.28 MB Download
FORM 10.05a Evaluation ReportPDF3.80 MB Download
FORM 10.06a Nonconformance NoticePDF1.23 MB Download
FORM 10.06b Corrective Action RequestPDF1.84 MB Download
FORM 10.06c Preventive Action RequestPDF2.34 MB Download
FORM 10.07a SPC Implementation ChecklistPDF358.00 KB Download

These reference materials are designed to support quality improvements. They provide an effective introduction to important concepts related to quality management.

QRS - Quality Systems, 05-19PDF435.62 KB Download
QRS - Process Control, 05-19PDF445.42 KB Download
QRS - Personnel Certification, 05-19PDF445.09 KB Download
QRS - Learning & Development, 05-19PDF435.91 KB Download
QRS - Management Tools, 05-19PDF454.90 KB Download
QRS - Quality Processes, 05-19PDF436.23 KB Download