Board, Corporate Officers, & Management

Board, Corporate Officers, & Management

Len Adams - Irrigation Group President

Leonard M. Adams

Group President, Global Irrigation

Greg Zinger

Greg Zinger

Vice President Human Resources

Stephen Kaniewski

Stephen Kaniewski

Vice President Global Operations

Craig Malsam - Irrigation VP Engineering

Craig Malsam

Vice President, Engineering and Strategic Technology Development

Matt Ondrejko - Irrigation VP Marketing

Matt T. Ondrejko

Vice President, Global Marketing

Rich Panowicz - Irrigation VP Sales

Rich Panowicz

Vice President, Sales North American Irrigation

Aaron Schapper - Irrigation VP and GM International

Aaron Schapper

Vice President and General Manager, International Irrigation

Portrait of Earl Foust

Earl R. Foust

Earl R. Foust Group President, Utility Support Structures

Portrait of Michael Banat

Michael Banat

Vice President and General Manager, International Utility

Portrait of Chris Colwell

Chris Colwell

Vice President, Midwest Operations / Division Strategy and Development

Portrait of Douglas M. Bryson

Douglas M. Bryson

Vice President Operations East/Southwest

Portrait of Steven A. Schmid

Steven A. Schmid

Vice President, Operational Excellence

Portrait of Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal

Group President, Global Engineered Infrastructure Products

Portrait of Ted Brockman

Ted Brockman

Vice President and General Manager, Valmont-West Coast Engineering

Portrait of Claus Bo Jørgensen

Claus Bo Jørgensen

Chief Executive Officer Valmont SM A/S

Portrait of Gary King

Gary King

Vice President, Operations General and Manager Canada

Portrait of Viswanath Devarajan

Viswanath Devarajan

Managing Director India

Portrait of Gary King

Carl Macchietto

Vice President, Product and Market Development

Portrait of Jason Palumbis

Jason Palumbis

Vice President, Sales and Marketing General Manager Communication Structures

Portrait of Thomas F. Sanderson

Thomas F. Sanderson

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Portrait of Mark E. Treinen

Mark E. Treinen

President, North American Structures

Portrait of Dan Witt

Dan Witt

Vice President, Customer Engagement General Manager, Specification

Portrait of Piet Stevens

Piet Stevens

Vice President and General Manager, Europe Middle East Africa

Portrait of Stéphane Devulder

Stéphen Devulder

EMEA Director of Operations and Lean

Portrait of Paul Gee

Paul Gee

Managing Director, Webforge Australia/New Zealand

Portrait of Ed Sill

Ed Sill

Managing Director, Locker Group

Portrait of Samuel Guerville

Samuel Guerville

Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific Sales

Portrait of Sandy Robertson

Sandy Robertson

Managing Director, Ingal EPS

Portrait of Paul Shelley

Paul Shelley

Managing Director, Donhad Pty Ltd

Portrait of Viswanath Devarajan

Viswanath Devarajan

Managing Director, India

Portrait of Peter Challender

Peter Challender

Managing Director, AUS and NZ

Portrait of Jerry Wang

Jerry Wang

General Manager, Valmont Structures China

Portrait of Michael Banat

Michael Banat

Vice President, International Sales

Portrait of David Wong

David Wong

Managing Director, Valmont Asia

Portrait of Richard S. Cornish

Richard S. Cornish

Group President, Coatings and Tubing

Portrait of Russell Sheehan

Russell Sheehan

Managing Director, Industrial Galvanizers

Portrait of Pete Smith

Pete Smith

Vice President and General Manager North America Galvanizing