This is your opportunity to join over 11,000 employees across the globe, helping modernize vital infrastructure and increase agricultural productivity — sustainably and reliably. Here we galvanize steel so it lasts a century, in facilities with minimal environmental impact. Here we modernize irrigation to feed a growing population. We harden the electrical grid to deliver reliable power to millions of homes around the world. We enable and enhance connectivity in remote and urban locations with smart technology. Are you ready to move the world forward? Then you’re ready to join the modern workforce.
Explore the two hemispheres of our world.
With better opportunities come better benefits.*
Benefits Let’s start with the big ones — full benefits within 30 days, health insurance, paid time off and a 401(k).
Growth & Advancement We want you to be the best version of yourself, then keep getting better — internally we offer leadership and development opportunities, as well as apprenticeships and training related to your trade. We even offer to reimburse you for tuition or trade certification training.
Modern Workforce We get things done. We set goals and accomplish them, together. In a culture that respects hard work, honors diversity and focuses on creating the world of tomorrow, your voice will be heard. That’s the modern workforce.
Global Diversity Here your work can have a global impact, and you will find opportunities to engage with our diverse workforce in over 100 countries where we do business, in 85 manufacturing facilities around the world. Or, you may discover common ground in Employee Resource Groups.
* Due to the nature of Valmont’s global business and union contracts, not all benefits are the same.
Sustainability is at the core of who we are.
(Here are the numbers to prove it.)
Cost of all U.S. climate-related events in 2021 alone, which is why 92% of our utility structures help harden the grid.
Energy produced by our solar solutions. Enough to power more than 2 million homes a day.
4T gal
Amount of water saved globally each year by our 228,000+ center pivots.
More people connected globally to the internet in the last two years. As a market leader in telecom, we’re helping to close the digital divide.
“I feel like the work I am doing truly has benefit for the world. The idea of working for a company that is so integral to societal advancement and prosperity gives me that excitement each morning to wake up and get to work.”
  • Will
  • Water Market Development Manager
“I feel like I'm a valued employee and I have all the support I need. I thank Valmont for trusting my work and caring for our employees… I'm part of a company that is the best at what it does.”
  • Jose
  • Engineer Technician
“Valmont has been good to me over the last 14+ years. I have had the opportunity to further my education… advance within the company while doing a job that’s been enjoyable to me… work with all kinds of cool automation and machines in my time here.”
  • Cody
  • Operations Manager
“Valmont is my second home. Valmont is a globally recognized company, not only for its integrity, but for the results it generates including feeding the world, and especially for having a great environment.”
  • Bruna
  • Director of Human Resources for Global Irrigation
“Right away I could tell this is a place where I could grow with the company, I have the ability to step outside my comfort zone. Valmont’s culture is one that embodies passion both for its employees and the customers. It means a lot to me personally because it symbolizes why I chose to work here in the first place.”
  • Ava
  • Territory Manager

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