Putting Your Values to Work Here at Home
At the end of World War II, Robert “Bob” B. Daugherty was a young veteran ready to transition out of the military and begin civilian life. He used his life savings to buy a small company that we know as Valmont today. The values Bob Daugherty learned in the military—passion, integrity, continuous improvement, delivering results—have remained the cornerstones of our culture over 75 years later.
The qualities that veterans like you bring to Valmont—commitment, excellence, service, discipline, character, leadership—have had an immeasurable impact on our expansion around the world, and our rise to become the recognized world leader in civilian and agricultural infrastructure. We’re confident that the unique skills and experience you gained in the military will be rewarded as you help shape the next chapter of the Valmont legacy. The question isn’t if there’s a place for you at Valmont—it’s where? Valmont Industries is a proud sponsor of the Boots to Fill Veteran hiring initiative.

Building Your World

Passion. Integrity. Continuous Improvement. Results. These are the values that drive us, and the foundation upon which we are able to offer:

Development and Benefits

You expect competitive pay, insurance, retirement savings, and other benefits to support you and your family, and Valmont delivers. But we don’t stop there. We’ll also help you develop your leadership potential, hone your management capabilities, deepen the expertise in your craft or develop new skills. At Valmont, we take care of you, your family and your future. Learn more about our benefits and development programs.

Culture and Diversity

Ask anyone at Valmont what it's like to be here, and you'll hear the same word time and again—family. That spirit of inclusion and support also underscores our belief that diversity in the workplace is a celebration of our individuality. Learn more about how we grow our family culture while also celebrating our diversity.

Global Opportunities

With 85 facilities that operate in over 100 countries, Valmont offers opportunities that are as vast as the planet itself. Learn more about career opportunities in your corner of the world.

Join Us

Search for an open position, or help us learn about you if the perfect opportunity isn't yet available. Either way, together is the best way we know to change the world.

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