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Without Valmont, the world would be a much different place. Our work improves life around the globe — ensuring more abundant food production, more widespread energy distribution, better communication, and infrastructure that requires fewer natural resources for a more sustainable future. Through innovation, we’re connecting technology, engineering and manufacturing to make life better. Explore the opportunities and benefits Valmont has to offer you and your future career.
Not just a better future. A better now. The benefits of a Valmont career.
Regardless of the segment or department, a position with Valmont provides invaluable, hands-on experience at a company that operates across the world. Your work will be challenging and fuel your passion for helping to build a better future. It will also set the standard for the rest of your career in terms of working with people who have the utmost integrity in their pursuit of continuous improvements that deliver results.
Valmont provides personal growth in many areas, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow your role within the company over time. You’ll never be alone in this journey, because you’ll have near-constant access to talented peers, industry experts and company leadership.
Gain hands-on work experience
Mentorship from talented peers and industry experts
Exposure to complex businesses that operate globally
Competitive compensation
Exposure and opportunities to connect with senior leadership to better understand Valmont and its business
Meaningful, yet challenging work to enhance your interpersonal and technical skills
Opportunities to further develop your skills and earn certifications that will allow you to own your career progression
Company commitment to inclusivity, with Employee Resource Groups for a better work and life experience and a focus on overall wellbeing—financial, physical and emotional.
"I would definitely recommend the internship program due to the hands-on experience. You receive all the knowledge you need to know but you get to run the project and see how the work you do affects the company. "
  • Whitney
  • HR Intern
"I was offered the pre-apprenticeship program over summer break and I jumped at it. I thank the Valmont employees who have taken me under their wings. It was a really good opportunity."
  • Seth
  • Welding Pre-Apprenticeship Student
"Whether it’s tuition reimbursement, Valmont trainings or outside classes, they support you taking advantage of development opportunities. All you need is the desire to improve yourself."
  • John
  • Welder, Structures Shipping
“With the variety of the four business segments, I think Valmont has an opportunity for everyone. I got to do more real-life hands on work than anticipated for an internship. Some of the business courses I take are broad, but Valmont taught me more about ROI, budgeting and the business side of chemical engineering. “
  • Joe
  • Engineering Intern
At Valmont, we celebrate individuality in a spirit of inclusion and support, while seeking differing perspectives. We see inclusion as a key driver of innovation and finding new and better ways to grow our business worldwide. We celebrate the unique experiences, perspectives and cultures that define our leaders, as well as everyone at Valmont. However, we are equally united in our shared commitment to a set of core values that guide everything we do.
We have a passion for our products, services and customers.
We operate with absolute integrity.
Continuous Improvement
We strive for continuous improvement, removing waste everywhere with a true sense of urgency.
Deliver Results
We consistently deliver results.
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