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If you have the skills, we’ll help you hone them — and learn new ones. If you’re looking to learn, we’ll train you. And if you’re looking for a career in manufacturing you can be proud of, the modern workforce needs you, too. Once your foot is in our door as a general laborer, if you decide you’d like to go further, we’ll figure out a path for you towards skilled labor.
You may find yourself working with us to provide solutions that harden the grid and deliver reliable power to millions of homes around the world. Innovating smart city infrastructure to be stronger, safer and longer-lasting. Modernizing irrigation to be more productive and sustainable as we help feed a growing population. It’s important work. Join us.
No matter what position is right for you now, you’ll be getting great benefits and a team that respects your experience and abilities.
While working in a manufacturing role at Valmont, your hands will create the structures that improve life in your own neighborhood, as well as in cities and villages halfway across the world, all in a safe work environment with individuals who share your passions and goals. The safety of our Valmont team is our first priority, setting a standard for our employees to make it safe, make it personal, and make it home. The art and science of your craftsmanship could be used to connect 5G technology, develop modern urban infrastructures, build renewable energy grids or grow food in places where it would be impossible without your handiwork.
Career opportunities in the skilled trades

Our world needs welders. Valmont offers a variety of welding positions, as well as our own Welder Training Program. With our wide-ranging product segments across the world, we also offer opportunities few other companies can.


Our technicians install, maintain and repair a wide range of highly technical electronic and mechanical equipment, which requires in-depth knowledge and a high degree of proficiency.

Machining and Other Specialties
Machining and Other Specialties

We recruit for a number of machining positions, including fabrication, CNC, laser and robotics operators, and tool and die specialists. We also have many specialty positions, such as industrial painting, shipping/logistics, crane operator and forklift operator.

Opportunities for High School and Other Non-traditional students

Start early — learn a skilled trade by participating in careers and technical education at Valmont. It’s the best thing you can do for your future.

This is your invitation to visit, and learn.Valmont’s work-based programs provide classroom education and hands-on experiences at several of our production facilities. Our Jasper, Tennessee facility also offers a work-based pre-apprenticeship program.
Learn about a manufacturing career from people who already have one
Are you a student in high school, trade school or a community college? Come shadow, tour and get first-hand insights from our employees. Valmont partners with schools to help students and instructors learn what it’s like to work in the skilled trades. And yes — we often employ students full-time through this program, after they graduate.
Job shadowing opportunities
Site/facility tours
Virtual presentations & donations
We train welders
It’s how we make certain the modern workforce has enough talented people.
We offer welder training programs at various Valmont facilities, from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Valley, Nebraska to Brenham, Texas. In this program, high school and trade school students learn the production environment, procedures and processes at Valmont before gaining a position on the shop floor. Paid training lasts two to three weeks, with a combination of classroom and hands-on training in our weld labs or production environment. Program eligibility and details vary by site. Some facilities require little to no prior experience to participate. As a part of welder training, participants receive American Welding Society (AWS) certified testing and certifications.
Gas metal arc welding
Flux-cored arc welding
Submerged arc welding
Shielded metal arc
Plasma cutting
Valmont Skilled Trade Program

We want to help train you. Let us know if you’re curious about either our skilled trade program or partnership opportunities.